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How To Cut Hardboard

There are a million different ways to cut hardboard, it is just wood at the end of the day, but sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing. So let me break down some of my favourite ways to cut hardboard below.

Stanley Knife

Many people will be familiar with this method for cutting thinner sheet materials.

With a nice sharp Stanley knife, check out my guide here, you can go through a sheet of hardboard in a few passes.

Use a metal ruler or straight edge and run the knife down the side of it where you want to make your cut. Keep going and do a few passes.

You should then be able to bend the sheet a little, opening the cut up. this will make future passes easier and faster.

Circular Saw

A circular saw will fly through a sheet of hardboard. Just make sure you don’t have too rough of a blade in your saw or it could end up making a big mess.

One way to avoid the circular saw ripping the wood up badly is to use a little masking tape. You can do this with any saw.

The tape stops the wood from exploding out when it is cut, leaving a really nice crisp cut line. You can do this with any saw really.

Hand Saw

The good old hand saw works just as well on hardboard as it always has. A cheap and easy way to cut hardboard, but unless you are experienced with a handsaw you may struggle to get a perfectly straight cut.

This may or may not be a problem for you depending on your end goal.


The ever-dependable jigsaw, perfect for cutting odd shapes and angles. A jigsaw works great on hardboard, I mean, after all, we are talking about a really thin wood, so all saws work well here.

Table Saw

Obviously, a table saw will work well for cutting hardboard, but it is not a tool most DIYers have access to.

So while it will cut well I won’t go into it too much. The truth is that if you own a table saw, you are probably already aware of how to cut hardboard on it.

Coping Saw

If you need to cut bends or intricate shapes and don’t have a jigsaw or want more control over the cut, then a coping saw will be really useful.

A coping saw is a handheld saw used for cutting shapes out of wood. Often used on skirting boards to get a corner to fit together perfectly.

A coping saw is a cheap hand saw, if you are now in the market for one then why not check out my best coping saw article to get a high quality coping saw.


Another handheld tool suitable for cutting hardboard. Great for those who don’t fancy the danger of a power tool or are maybe looking at a way to get their kids into woodworking and DIY.

You could be mistaken for thinking a hacksaw is a hacksaw; however, you would be wrong. Recent innovations have bestowed multiple changes upon this humble tool. A favourite of many tradesman’s tool bags the hacksaw remains the workman’s choice for its sheer versatility.

Make sure to check out our best hacksaw guide to make sure you get the ideal saw for your needs.


As you can see from the abundance of options above hardboard is a really easy material to cut. This is what makes it a popular material.

It is both strong and easy to cut, a combination that doesn’t happen too often with natural woods.


Wednesday 23rd of February 2022

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