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What is Hardboard Used For?

Hardboard is an incredibly versatile material with tonnes of uses, not just in building. But what are all of these uses? What is hardboard used for? let’s have a look.


Hardboard has a lot of uses for the DIYer, I will break down the more popular ones below.


Probably the most common use of hardboard is in furniture. Particularly as a backer.

That thin sheet of wood you slide down the back of your new IKEA cabinet is nearly always hardboard.

It is also commonly found as a drawer bottom in furniture.


Pegboard is commonly hardboard with lots of holes drilled into it in a grid pattern. This is then sued to hand all sorts on.

Workshops and tool rooms up and down the country will have pegboards made from hardboard in them.

Floor Leveling

Another use for hardboard is as a subfloor leveller. Commonly applied on top of uneven floors to make them nice and level before something like lino or carpet is laid on top.

Boxing In

This is a really common use for hardboard. Boxing in pipes or electrics in homes. A small cupboard can be built quickly and easily from hardboard.

It can then be painted to blend in perfectly with a plastered wall.

Subbuteo Pitch

A strange one but I just had to include it. This is what my dad did for me growing up and is now just what I always associate hardboard with.

A nice flat piece of hardboard with a green felt Subbuteo pitch glued on top of it, perfection!

Arts & Crafts


Many artists choose to paint straight onto hardboard. The material is super smooth so can be great to paint onto.

It works particularly well with thick paints like oils that could be a bit too much for thin paper.

Model Building

Small building models can easily be made from hardboard. Because of its strength and thinness, it is a great material for model building.

What Is Hardboard?

Hardboard is the harder brother to MDF. MDF stands for medium-density fibreboard, hardboard is high-density fibreboard.

It is stronger than MDF and much denser. The fibres used in hardboard are exploded fibres which are then highly compressed. This is what allows it to reach such high density and strength.

Hardboard is often used as pegboard, or in furniture construction, particularly as a backer board.

You don’t see hardboard in thick sheets, you only ever see it in the really thin sheets.

I’m guessing this is because a thick sheet would be incredibly heavy and probably stupidly expensive as well.

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