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How To Clean Masonry Paint Off Brushes

Maybe you have just finished painting the exterior of your house, or just a little wall. No matter the size of the project completed the dreaded time has come, clean up. You have that paint covered brush in your hand and are wondering how hard is it to clean masonry paint off brushes, would I be better off just binning it and buying a new one?

What type of paint do you have?

The first thing you need to check is the type of paint you are using, is it water-based. The easiest way to check is to check the cleaning instructions on the paint tin. If they say you can clean with water you have a water-based paint, if they say use specialist cleaners then you probably have an oil-based paint.

Note that all the Santex masonry paints I have seen have all been water-based, as a general guide I would say your paint is most likely to be water-based.

masonry paint cleaning instructions
masonry paint cleaning instructions

How to clean masonry paint off brushes – Video

How to clean masonry paint off brushes – Step By Step

  • Step 1 – Run under a warm tap
  • Step 2 – Work the warm water into all the bristles
  • Step 3 – Give a final rinse
  • Step 4 – Dry the brush thoroughly

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