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Can You Colour Mix Masonry Paint?

Modern masonry paint is available in a range of colours, you can see the full Sandtex range here, but maybe you can’t find the perfect shade. You may then be wondering “can you colour mix masonry paint?” well I have done the test to find out!

The test

So for the test, I will paint a brick using regular masonry paint and also with a colour mixed masonry paint. I will mix some white masonry paint in with the regular colour in order to lighten the shade.

Mixing the paint

So first things first I need to mix up some masonry paint. I just used a paint kettle and added in the two paints and then stirred them until they were one colour.

mixing masonry paint
If your paint looks like this keep mixing

If you are needing to mix up more than one batch then you want to be able to recreate the same colour time and time again. The only way to do this is to mix the same amount of each colour each time you mix. Measuring paints is not easy, as some always stays behind in whatever you decided to use to measure it out.

One good way I have found to measure paint is by using a large paint syringe. This 500ml one below is perfect for measuring out the paint. Make sure to make a note of your mix amounts when you are happy with the colour.

Shintop Large Syringe, 500ml Paint Syringe
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Once mixed the new paint applies exactly the same as regular masonry paint.

colour mixed masonry paint on a brick
colour mixed masonry paint on a brick

You can see the lighter colour mixed masonry paint here on the right. Adding the white has lightened it a lot and it is actually a really nice new colour.

Exterior Testing

Now I will move this brick outside and leave it in the elements. The purpose of this test is to see if the colour mixing has affected its protective properties at all. So make sure you check back soon to see the updated results.

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