The Best Impact Drill Bits

by Sam Wood | Last Updated: 19/05/2021

Impact drivers are gaining in popularity all the time and are more and more common amongst DIY’ers. But did you know you can get special impact drill bits that turn your impact driver into a drill? Me neither, so when I saw this set on the shelves of my local tool store I had to get them to test out.

What is an impact drill bit?

What is an impact driver drill bit

An impact driver drill bit from DeWalt

Impact drill bits are specially designed to fit into an impact driver rather than a drill. note the fitting on the bottom of the drill bit above. This will fit into your impact driver where a regular drill bit will not. Impact drill bits are often designed to work with both impact drivers and regular combi drills, indeed the ones tested here will work in both.

Do they work?

Yes, surprisingly well actually. I was really impressed with how these impact driver bits worked their way into the stone I was drilling. I had to drill some deep holes into these stones for some anchors and the impact drill bits did the job well. It would be interesting to test them directly up against a normal combi drill to see which was quicker but my guess is it would be close. Watch the video below to see the bits in action.

As you can see in the video the bits have no problem drilling down into the stone, one thing I did notice is that my impact got really hot, so you will have to take regular breaks if drilling multiple holes to give your tools time to cool down. If you keep going you risk damaging your impact driver so a little break every now and again is definitely advised.

The Best Impact Drill Bits

Being a fairly new product there are still few brands creating specialist impact drill bits but there are two of the big boys that have run with this idea and are now creating exceptional bits, DeWalt & Bosch. I have bought both a Bosch set and a DeWalt set so I could put them both to the test!

My Top Pick
Bosch Professional Impact Control HSS Twist Drill Bit Set
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09/23/2021 04:37 pm GMT

The Bosch bits were my favourite out of the ones I tested. In this set, you also get many different impact-rated screw bits and also a quick release bit holder.

The drill bits have diamond-cut edges making them both sharp and strong, perfect for drilling into masonry. These bits are designed to be incredibly hard-wearing, lasting a good while before blunting.

Bosch Impact driver drill bits

Bosch Impact driver drill bits

The DeWalt bits were good, and flew through the stone I was drilling, however, the thinner bits had a lot of flex and bend in them when drilling. I got the impression it wouldn’t take too much for them to snap, although this never happened to me.

DeWalt impact driver drill bits

DeWalt impact driver drill bits

Best Impact Wood Drill Bits

The bits I have been testing above are masonry bits which can also cut multiple materials including wood, if however, you want dedicated wood bits then you can’t go wrong with the ones listed below.

DeWalt Impact Torsion Titanium Bits
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. This helps fund the Bloke Cave and allows us to create epic projects!
09/23/2021 04:35 pm GMT

These titanium bits are created for use with multiple materials including wood, aluminium, steel and even stainless steel. They feature a pilot point for helping you to line up your holes perfectly, the point is also split, leading to increased endurance of the point.

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