When it comes to drilling into masonry it pays to have a good quality bit in your drill. A nice sharp bit will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes you to drill into masonry. But what are the best masonry drill bits? and more importantly what are the best value masonry bits, the ones that find that perfect mix of quality and price.

I am just going to offer my favourite drill bits and then my runners up below. I am not going to list tons and tons of options for you just to flesh this article out. That’s what a lot of other reviewers seemingly do and it winds me up no end. Just tell me what you would recommend and be done with it!

The Best Masonry Drill Bits

These DeWALT bits are what I have been using recently up at the workshop and are the ones I used for my best drill under £100 feature. For me, they strike the perfect balance between quality and price.


This set of masonry drill bits contains a 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm drill bit. This should cover you for pretty much all drilling you will be doing with a combi drill. If you plan or drilling anything bigger than this into masonry you should really be looking at investing in an SDS drill.

Like I said earlier, these are the drill bits I have been using up at the workshop. I have used them for lots of different projects and even product testing. I can confidently say they both work well and last for a long while. The perfect drill bit combo.

They have carbide tips for an increased life span of the drill bit, the body of the drill bit is also made from hardened steel which reduces the chances of the bit breaking. This is especially important on the 4mm and 5mm drill bits which are quite thin.

Runner Up


Bosch makes good accessories be it drill bits, driver bits or impact bits. Everything is always high quality, and I often use Bosch bits.

This set is no expectation and I have used Bosch bits for years.

Again these are carbide-tipped incresing the life of the drill bit.

You also get a few more bits than you do with the DeWALT set. This Bosch set comes with 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm and 10mm drill bits.

Impact Driver Drill bits

Impact drivers are gaining in popularity all the time and are more and more common amongst DIY’ers. But did you know you can get special impact drill bits that turn your impact driver into a drill? Me neither, so when I saw this set on the shelves of my local tool store I had to get them to test out.


What is an impact driver drill bit

An impact driver drill bit from DeWalt

Impact drill bits are specially designed to fit into an impact driver rather than a drill. note the fitting on the bottom of the drill bit above. This will fit into your impact driver where a regular drill bit will not. Impact drill bits are often designed to work with both impact drivers and regular combi drills, indeed the ones tested here will work in both.

The DeWalt bits were good, and flew through the stone I was drilling, however, the thinner bits had a lot of flex and bend in them when drilling. I got the impression it wouldn’t take too much for them to snap, although this never happened to me.

DeWalt impact driver drill bits

DeWalt impact driver drill bits


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