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Stanley Fatmax Pro Stack Review

Dan, who runs this fine website with me, is a bit obsessed with Stanley Fatmax tools. After buying quite a few of their power tools he realised he needed somewhere to store them. And where better to store Stanley Fatmax power tools than a Stanley Fatmax Pro Stack toolbox.

This also gave me the perfect excuse to have a good rubbage through his toolbox and see what horror shows he was hiding in there, all in the name of reviewing the boxes you understand.

Stack Em' High

Stack Em’ High

The Price is Right

So this is his setup when stacked up one on top of the other. As you can see there are quite a few boxes here so we can get a good feel of how it all fits together.

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of the review though let’s talk about probably the most important feature of these toolboxes, the price. I know this is why Dan got them and I could probably wager it’s a large part of why you are reading this review right now. These Pro Stack boxes are decently priced, especially when you compare them to other branded storage solutions.

Affordable Tool Storage
Stanley FatMax Pro-Stack Tool Tower
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05/29/2022 10:38 am GMT

At the time of purchase, the boxes varied between £20 to £35ish each. This is with some on offer and some not, shopping around can really help you get a good deal here. It is also advisable to wait around until a sale is on as these boxes do seem to end up on sale frequently, particularly at ToolStation.

Power Tool Storage

As I mentioned earlier Dan bought these boxes mainly to store his new power tool collection, it then grew into more and now holds his entire tool collection, well almost.

As you can see below, one of the deep storage boxes can hold a lot of powertools. In here we have the cordless sander, multi-tool, Combi drill and even impact driver. Also, there is a charger and batteries in there too, the full set!

Power Tool Storage

With the large boxes there is also a little insert that comes inside, this sits at the top and can hold smaller tools like screwdrivers.

Insert With Screwdrivers

Insert With Screwdrivers

There are also different types of larger boxes. You can get one like you can see above or there is another type that is more of a tote. It has a large carry handle inside and is intended to be carried out without the lid on, almost like a plumbers tote.


Now let’s talk about the drawers you can get for this set. They are really nice actually, they lock in place by default, so you don’t need to worry about them coming loose in transport. The sliding mechanism seems really smooth and they connect nicely up to everything else.

I know one thing Dan says is that he wishes he had bought more of the drawers, he only has one set of the shallow drawers, a single deep drawer is also available. This is because the drawers are so useful for storing tools you need every now and again, things like screwdrivers and spanners. That is because you can just slide them out and don’t need to go unstacking all of the boxes to get to your tools.

Drawers With Inserts

Drawers With Inserts

The drawers also come with a grid layout of inserts in them, these can be removed if you would prefer or kept in for handy screw, nail or other little bits storage.

Drawer With Inserts Taken Out

Drawer With Inserts Taken Out


There is also an organiser that can connect to the rest of the storage. This has tonnes of different compartments ideal for storing fixings and plugs etc. One really annoying problem with this for me though is that the handle is on the front and not the top.

I think you would normally have this organiser at the top of your stack so that you can get to everything easily. But because the handle is on the front and not the top you cant simply pick up the full stack from the top. This seems like quite a large oversight with the organiser and makes it pretty awkward.

You need to have it in the middle of the stack to be able to carry it about, but then you have to take all the boxes off the top of it if you want to access anything in it.



DeWALT T Stack

One thing that buyers of the Stanley Fatmax Pro Stack may not be aware of is that it is all compatible with the DeWALT T Stack range of products. This makes a lot of sense as DeWALT is part of the Stanley Black and Decker company.

So if you have any DeWALT tools that have T Stack cases you can clip them onto your stack. As well as using any DeWALT T Stack boxes or drawers with your Stanley gear.

DeWALT T Stack box ontop of a Stanley Fatmax Pro Stack

DeWALT T Stack box on top of a Stanley Fatmax Pro Stack