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Best Battery Spot Welder

If you have ever used 18650 battery cells in a project or attempted to repair a battery pack you will know that a spot welder is a great tool to have. However most spot welders are expensive, and you will rarely use them unless you are heavily into electronics. Well, that is where battery spot welders come in. These little portable welders are specifically designed for spot welding battery cells together. While packing nowhere near the same punch as their full-sized cousins they can create great welds between nickel strips and your lithium batteries, allowing you to build great battery packs without the risk of using a soldering iron.

Best Battery Spot Welder

Our Pick
Battery Spot Welder for 18650 Batteries

 Built-in high-rate polymer power cell, the maximum output current is up to 639A, and it can continuously weld thousands of points after being fully charged.

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07/05/2022 05:43 am GMT

This little device is great for providing spot welds on nickel strips. Specifically designed for use on 18650 battery cells. It uses a battery pack so has no need for an external power supply and can be charged over USB. For the money, this is a great product and we found it incredibly easy to use.

The device has a simple one-button operation. This single button controls everything on the spot welder including weld delivery mode and power level. You can have times welds that are sent to the probes every 1.5 or automatic welds which happen when the welder senses a good connection between the two probes. In either welding mode, the battery provides enough power to weld nickel strips but struggles with a thicker piece.

The instructions are adequate and will get you through using it but to be honest the device is so simple to use you don’t really need them.

Simple one button operation

Simple one button operation

Each electrode on the device is detachable meaning if needed you can replace either electrode. The connections are apparently gold-coated to provide the best connection possible.

The battery pack has enough juice to weld again and again and again. I did a test with the pulse spot welder. I charged the battery pack up to full, cranked up the power to max and got to work throwing out some welds. The device kept going and going, metal piece after metal piece until the battery died. I managed to get a ton of welds out, near to 1000! I cant see how under real-world use how you would ever run out of charge on this spot welder.

I haven’t been able to test it but I am fairly certain this pulse spot welder wouldn’t be able to weld anything like metal sheets or stainless steel sheets. But this is what it is not created for, it is made for thin nickel strips and welding battery packs.

This device is a good £200 or more cheaper than a lot of other spot welders and if you are just buying one to create welds on battery packs then this welder should be right near the top of your list. For the price, there is not much on the market that can beat it.