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Best Stanley Knife Holder

For those of you who always need your Stanley knife to hand but never seem to be able to find it, the Stanley knife holder will be your saviour. These little pouches attach to your belt or pants and provide an excellent storage option for your Stanley knife. Read on as we discuss exactly what makes the best Stanley knife holder.

Stanley FatMax Knife Holder

This Stanley knife holder is designed to fit the FatMax range by Stanley and is an official Stanley product. We recommend the FatMax in our Best Stanley Knife article, so it only makes sense that the FatMax knife holder comes out on top too.

This holder is really light, coming in at just 100g. It features a cut-proof plastic interior so even if you forget to retract your blade you won’t have a nasty surprise. The knife holder features two pockets, the larger rear pocket for the knife and then a smaller front picker designed to fit a ten-blade pack.

Stanley FatMax in article

On the rear of the Stanley knife holder is a robust metal clip. This allows you to attach the holster to pretty much anything. Belt, pants, tool holder you name it, it will work with this.

The item is 23.5 x 9cm and 6cm deep. It is made from polyester and plastic combo.

Our Winner
Stanley FatMax Knife Holster

Material: Polyester, Plastic

Item Dimensions L x W x H: 23.5 x 9 x 6 centimetres

Weight: 0.1 Kilograms

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ToughBuilt Utility Knife Pouch

This pouch can clip on and off any belt, so it is carried only when it is needed or when it is the only thing you need. It has 6 pockets and loops, including a plastic-lined utility knife pocket, pencil and screwdriver pockets, making it perfect for smaller jobs. Works great alone, or enhances any cliptech tool belt. With rugged construction and heavy-duty rivet reinforcement, this reliable pouch withstands the most rigorous working conditions.

The holder is a little heavier than the FatMax coming in at 150g although it does add extra versatility when compared. Is the extra versatility worth the trade-off in weight? That’s up to you and what you intend to carry, if you just want to carry a Stanley knife then though, but if you are hoping to use this holder for more then definitely yes.

Kunys PL21 Utility Knife Holder

For those who yearn for a simpler time, when men were men and football was still for the working class. This leather Stanley knife holder is brilliant in its functionality. It does what it’s meant to, and no more. Made of heavy top grain leather you just know this will last and last.

It has an all-rivet construction for strength and durability. Most standard Stanley knives and pliers will fit inside the belt, and the belt slots will fit a two-inch wide belt.

C.K Magma Knife Holder

This knife holder Features a cut-proof plastic reinforced pocket for protection and durability. It also comes with a convenient storage pouch for spare blades and a strong belt clip to hook onto trousers/belt (or belt loop) to allow use with tool belts up to 3” (75cm) wide. It is suitable for most common trimming knives.

Some users have reported durability issues with this holder, and unfortunately for that reason, it comes in lower down on our list than initially hoped.

Magma Holder in article