Best Windproof Lighters

by Daniel Berry | Last Updated: 09/07/2020

We’ve all been there, stood outside the boozer trying to light a cigarette and the crappy 99p lighter you got from the corner shop won’t hold a flame. The slightest breeze seems to snuff the bloody thing out. Don’t fret, we’re here to save you from this all too familiar anguish, our guide to the best windproof lighters will make this an issue of the past. or at least until you forget to fill up your new zippo with fluid and have to go back to that cheap plastic piece of s***.

The Winner: Zippo Classic Lighter

The original and still the best. The classic Zippo is the best of the windproof lighters we tested. Simple and reliable, we never struggled to get a flame or light this in our simulated wind. The Zippo also gives off a strong flame, making lighting your cigarette a breeze.

The Classic & Our Top Pick
Zippo Classic Lighter

The High Polish Chrome lighter, one of Zippo's most popular finishes, has been in the product line since 1938. All surfaces of the lighter (front, reverse, top, bottom and sides) are finished with a lustrous, mirror-like finish.

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VVAY Electric Rechargeable Arc Lighter

This is one nice looking lighter, if you are after something electric that you can just plug in to charge then this could well be the lighter for you. The VVAY electric lighter uses a “touch sensor” to light, that is what is advertised but it’s not really a touch sensor. There is a small light (laser possibly?) coming from one end of the black plastic to the other. When you break the beam with your thumb the lighter lights. Not really a touch sensor per se but has the exact same function, so who really cares? Plus its pretty fekin cool, I found myself turning this thing on and off as a habit, sort of like flipping a zippo lighter lid.

Best Electric
VVAY Electric Rechargeable Lighter

Electronic lighter with two crossed up electrodes, ignition by touch sensor, the flameless lighter is 100% windproof.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. This helps fund the Bloke Cave and allows us to create epic projects!

First Impressions

This is one cool looking lighter, whether you want to stand out that much when lighting up is a different question. Definitely one for the more flamboyant out there. Comes with charger and instructions manual in a nice box which makes it suitable for gift giving. One big advantage going forward is the fact its charged over USB. If you are someone who smokes a lot at work I can see this being pretty useful, plug it in and leave it on your desk and you will never be without a light – ideal.


This is a good all round lighter, the only drawback being the strength of the “Flame”. Using an electric arc means it can take a while to light objects with this lighter. It will be fine for cigarettes but you can forget trying to light anything bigger such as a cigar on this.

VVAY 4 Jet Butane Lighter

The bright red flame this lighter gives of certainly stands out. A huge jet of red flame, maybe not the most practical way to light up but it definitely catches the eye. Comes with all the features you would expect including a see-through window to see the gas level, it is very easy to fill using a butane refill can so no complaints there.

First Impressions

Again this is a cool looking lighter, the bright red flame is sweet, I found myself a bit mesmerised by it to be perfectly honest. Like the first VVAY lighter it comes in a nice presentation box making it perfect for gifting. The body is full metal and it does heat up fast, not much of a problem if you are just lighting a cigarette but if you are using this for anything more substantial such as a cigar then your thumb is going to get really hot. A great looking lighter but maybe not the most practical.


The window for seeing how much fuel is left is completely useless. Give it a good shake and the level will change from empty to full. Meaning you never really know how much fuel is actually in the lighter. We also had issues getting a consistent light from this lighter. Every over attempt it would not light. Then other times it would light then immediately go out. Although a very cool looking lighter with an epic flame we would recommend against this lighter.

Ronxs 3 Flame Butane Lighter

Another lighter with a cool flame design. The Ronxs has a triple-flame design, which gives of a powerful but more controlled flame when compared to the VVAY 4 flame jet.

First Impressions

Definitely a more practical option than the 4 flame lighter. The Ronxs ignition switch is down the side, meaning it takes longer to get hot, allowing you to light larger items such as cigars. The flame is decent but not as extravagant as the other, a lighter for the more sophisticated gentleman.


The window to see the fuel level is really small, making it difficult to see. However unlike the VVAY it is at least accurate, giving consistent results. We also had a couple of issues with inconsistent lighting, again though this was nowhere near as bad as the VVAY.

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