Self Levelling Compound on a Solid Timber Ground Floor

Self-levelling Compound on a Solid Timber Ground Floor

You can use self-level over a solid timber ground floor if the right conditions are met and you use the right product for the job. If you use the appropriate self-levelling compound there is no need to prime the timber sub-floor floor either. You only need to ensure it is clean and dry before you start pouring your self-levelling compound.

Solid Wood Ground Floor

As a general rule, it is usually best practice to take as much of the old flooring up before you apply a self-levelling compound. This may not be feasible if you have a large floor area and the floor is well stuck down.

↑↑ The only kind of wooden timber floor you might be able to self-level directly onto might look something like the picture above ↑↑

You might be able to self-level over it using a latex self-levelling compound, as it is not mixed with water. Therefore it will not alter the moisture content of the wood.

It should be possible to self-level directly onto a solid timber ground floor for the following reasons…

  • There are no gaps between the planks of parquet flooring so there is little chance of any self-levelling compound seepage.
  • This type of flooring is also normally found on the ground floor so there is little chance of movement on the sub-floor.

This is the latex self-levelling compound I have used before with a great degree of success. It is suitable for most flooring substrates, including upper floors. Arditex Na 2-Part Latex based Self-levelling cement.

Still, I would recommend ripping it out if you can. If that’s going to be a massive undertaking, you should be fine with a product similar to Aditex NA Latex-based self-levelling compound. Just ensure you get the one that comes with a tub of LATEX and not the one you mix with WATER. Latex will not alter the moisture content of the wood floor below. It remains slightly flexible, which is particularly important on the 1st floor, where there may be some movement in the floor joists.

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