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What is a standard bath size?

So you’re looking at getting a new bath, you have so many options and one major factor to consider is size. What is a standard bath size? What is a large bath size, lets find out!

What is a standard bath size?

In the UK the commonly accepted standard size is 1700mm long and 700mm wide. This comes from the old imperial standard of 5ft 6 inches.

With this being the standard size of a bath it is the most common size you will find in stores. All retailers tend to have tons of different designs at this size.

Can you get larger baths?

Yes, larger baths are definitely available and actually quite common. 1800mm long and 800mm wide is the standard of larger sizes.

Of course, they go bigger though, jumbo baths are available in some huge sizes.

I have found one for example that is 2000mm long and 1400mm wide! As you can guess from the dimensions this is almost becoming a square bath rather than rectangular and is simply huge.

Just imagine the cost of water and gas to regularly fill this thing!

The Monster Bath

The Monster Bath

I found this bath for sale at Bathroom City.

Can you get smaller baths?

Yes, smaller baths are available. Although there is obviously a limit on how small a bath can get without it becoming pointless.

1400mm x 700mm was the smallest size I could find available with the big retailers.

How is bath size measured?

You may get a little confused when measuring your bath in situ as you may end up with some weird numbers, not the nice round numbers mentioned here.

This is to be expected, all it means is that the edge of your bath runs under the tiles. So there is a bit of extra bath frame hidden away underneath your tiles.