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Does Toolstation Price Match?

Toolstation is a great place to shop for all your DIY needs. Since they opened a new branch near me I know I use them all the time. But do they price match? let’s have a look


No, as of the time of writing, Toolsation does not price match as a company policy. But if you look closely at their prices you will see that they do keep an eye on the competition.


They are however very competitive on price, I think they intend to always be competitive without strict price match guarantees.

price matches can be hard for companies to keep up, with ever-changing prices and offers. So rather than doing a price match as such, toolstation just always try to be very well priced.

So let’s have a bit of a deeper look at those prices. I am going to grab a few products from the big retailers, Toolstation, Screwfix, Wickes and B&Q and see how they all compare.

Now this is only for guidance and these prices are subject to change and by the time you read this, they probably won’t even be correct. That’s not the point of this comparison, it is just to give you a rough idea of how toolstation prices their products.

Sticks Like Sh*t£5.98£5.98£7.00£8.00
Irwin Jack 20″ Saw£5.99£5.99£6.00£8.16
Dulux Trade Satinwood 2.5ltr£34.09£31.99£35.00£32.00
Sandtex Smooth 5L White£25.24£27.99£26.00£28.00
Appleby Box 35mm£0.76£0.68N/A£0.71
*Prices Correct At Time of Publish

So as you can see there is some form of unofficial price match going on between Toolstation and Screwfix. The prices were identical for three of the products which I don’t think is a mere coincidence. But as I said earlier, there is no promoted price match.

This is probably to avoid having to match offer prices and all the hassle that will inevitably come with offering a price match service.

The prices I gathered were just from the companies respective websites. They were correct at the time of writing but could have been wrong within 10 minutes.

They will probably have changed by the time you read this, but that’s not really the point. The point was to show how similar they are on price and show that they obviously keep an eye on other companies prices. Especially their fierce competitors like Screwfix.