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Can you use polyfilla on wood?

Most households will have Polyfilla sitting around at the back of a cupboard. For that reason, you may well be tempted to use it to fill some holes in wood. But can you use Polyfilla on wood? Let’s find out!

Can you use Polyfilla on wood?

Yes, you can. Regular Polyfilla for walls can be used on wood. You just don’t want to fill large holes with it or else you may have shrinkage and cracking issues. Small holes like screw heads in a skirting board will be absolutely fine.

When not to use Polyfilla

You should not use Polyfilla on any external wood repairs. For this use a special two-part wood filler for external repairs. Polyfilla won’t last if exposed to the elements so at best you will just end up with a temporary fix. At worst it will soak up water and could rot whatever wood you filled with it.

Large holes in wood should also not be filled with Polyfilla. You will end up with cracking and shrinkage problems. Again use a proper two-part filler for this job.

Polyfilla should also not be used on damp wood. it will soak up the moisture and may never go fully hard. You can often end up with more of a putty if you try this. I bet you can guess what I’m going to recommend for this, that’s right, go with a two-part wood filler.

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Why Polyfilla makes sense

The main reason to use Polyfilla over other fillers is cost and ease of use. Polyfilla is a lot cheaper than a proper two-part wood filler. And if you are only covering some screw heads or another small repair, then why not use it? If it is going to be painted over any way you will never be able to tell. On small spot repairs, it will do the job just as well as a proper wood filler. So is say go for it!

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