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How to turn off a house alarm without the code

This is actually a problem I have been faced with myself. After never knowing the pin code to my own alarm, despite living in this house for years, I accidentally set the alarm off. I managed to flip the fuse for the alarm when trying to turn the downstairs lighting circuit off! This activated the anti-tamper feature within the alarm, setting it off. This left me with one big headache, how the hell do I turn the damn thing off now?

So I went scrambling for help but couldn’t find much of use online. So I called up my electrician friend and he had me fix the problem in no time. Seen as though I struggled I know there will be more of you out there in the same situation I was. So I made this quick guide to get you out of a pickle.

Turn off the power

To start with turn off the alarm at your fuse board, we want to kill all the power to it. This will not do anything at first though as the alarm will have a backup battery for times just like this. After all, you don’t want your alarm failing as soon as the power goes out. That would be way too easy for a burglar to foil.

Locate the main alarm panel

Now you need to find the main panel for your alarm. This can change depending on your system but for me, it was not where the keypad was. It was right above my main fuse board.

the main panel and keypad are often separate

The main panel for my alarm was quite a large, plain, white box.

Main Alarm Control box

Main Alarm Control box

Just pop the box off so you can get in. You can see the battery below the box. This was inside the box before I disconnected it.

With the cover off and battery out

With the cover off and battery out

So you want to find the battery and disconnect it. In my alarm it was this hefty black battery so was really hard to miss but yours might be smaller.

Disconnect the battery

Disconnect the battery

Now simply disconnect one of the battery wires.

The alarm will still continue to sound at first, there is also often a battery in the alarm unit on the outside of your house. So you will just have to be patient and wait 10-15 minutes for it to tire itself out.

Now that’s all done you can figure out your next step without an alarm blaring. Wether that next step be getting an alarm technician in to rest your code or figuring it out yourself is up to you.