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How Long Does Polyfilla Take To Dry?

Polyfilla is an incredibly popular wall filler. One of those brands that has had so much success it has become synonymous with the whole product category. You think filler you often think Polyfilla.

“Enough of the fluff already!” I hear you scream, “I’m only here because I want to know how bloody long it takes to dry. Get on with it!” Ok, ok, I will, jeez.

Cracks in wall filled with filler
Cracks in a wall filled with filler

How long does Polyfilla take to dry?

Polyfilla can take as little as 60 minutes to be dry. I recommend leaving it longer though if you plan to paint. Lots of different factors can affect how quickly the Polyfilla dries, one major factor to consider is how deep you go with the filler. The deeper the hole you filled the longer it will take to dry.

The humidity of the room and also the temperature of the room can affect how long it takes to fully harden.

I recommend waiting at least 3 hours before painting over Polyfilla.

That is the surface level information for you. If you want to dive deeper then I have broken the drying times down according to the product. And there are a surprising number of different Polyfilla products available.

Drying Times By Product

Polyfilla Multi-Purpose – Powder

Sets in 60 minutes.

Polyfilla Multi-Purpose – Ready Mixed

Surface Dry in 1-2 Hours.

Polyfilla Advanced – Ready Mixed

Dries in 30 minutes.

Polyfilla Deep Gap – Ready Mixed

Dries in 1-2 Hours

Polyfilla Fine Surface – Ready Mixed

Dries in 30 – 60 Minutes

Polyfilla Flexible Gap – Gun Application

Dries in 24 Hours +

Polyfilla Multi Purpose Exterior – Powder

Dries in 60 minutes.

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