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How Many Coats of Gloss on Skirting?

So your painting your skirting boards I take it, or at least your planning to, but how many coats of gloss should you apply? Let’s have a look and find out.

Normally two coats of gloss will be enough for a primed skirting board. Depending on the paint used you may be able to get away with a single coat of paint.

Primed Vs Un-primed Skirting

If you have primed your skirting boards already or bought a pre-primed skirting board then you may be able to get away with a single coat of gloss.

The primer, or undercoat, will have provided quite a bit of build-up and colour covering already. This can make it possible that you only need one coat of gloss to get a really nice finish.

If your skirting is un-primed, you would be well advised to prime it before painting with gloss, although this is not essential. Undercoat provides a few benefits. It provides a really good surface for the gloss to stick to, it also has quite a bit of build-up to it, which will help smoothen the surface of the skirting board. Then finally it is quite a solid paint, meaning it covers the colour well.

The Paint

The biggest factor in this will be the paint you decide to use. Some paints are thicker than others and cover much better. This will greatly affect how many coats of gloss you then need to apply.

As a general rule of thumb, cheaper paints tend to cover worse than more expensive paints.

With a regular middle of the road gloss, you will probably be looking at two coats of gloss to get a really nice finish on the skirting board.

Then there are products like Dulux once, which advertise being a single coat paint. I will just note that I am not a massive fan of Dulux once, I think it is far too thick to be easily workable. But maybe that is just me.

Oil v Water-Based

This is the next factor to consider when wondering how many coats of gloss you will need on skirting.

Water-based gloss tends to be thinner than oil-based, this usually translates to you needing more coats of water-based gloss than oil-based gloss.