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Does Sugar Soap Remove Paint?

Sugar soap is a great all-around decorating cleaner. But just how potent is it? Could it remove paint for example?

No, sugar soap will not work as a paint remover. It can remove paint from surfaces like uPVC and should not be used for cleaning paintings.

Sugar Soap
Sugar Soap

Sugar Soap Uses

Sugar soap is really good at removing grease and grime. This is why I recommend it so often before painting. Especially in rooms prone to grease like kitchens.

Another great use for sugar soap is as a nicotine stain remover. This stuff can really get to work on nicotine stains. While it won’t bring yellow walls back to white it can make a decent dent in the stains.

This will then have the knock-on effect of stopping nicotine stains from bleeding through any paint applied over the top of them.

Lots of people also like to use sugar soap as a general-purpose cleaner due to its grease removing qualities. You will find users all over the internet saying how well it works as a floor cleaner.

This is not something I can say I have tried myself but I can see why it would work really well.

Powdered Or Pre Mixed

You can find sugar soap in two main formats. Powdered or ready mixed. These are the same product, just one saves you from the hassle of having to mix it.

As with all things in life you will pay for this convenience. Powdered sugar soap will come in a chunk cheaper than the ready-mixed variety.

If you are just doing as little cleaning then go for the ready mixed. If however, you have a lot to do then go for the powder and save yourself some brass.

Removing Paint From uPVC

So as I alluded to earlier, sugar soap can be used to remove paint from uPVC. in fact, I used it in one of my articles on cleaning paint off window frames.

Step 1 - Spray on Sugar Soap
Step 1 – Spray on Sugar Soap

I sprayed the paint I wanted to remove with some of the sugar soap.

Step 2 - Scrub The Paint
Step 2 – Scrub The Paint

I then scrubbed away at the paint with a cloth.

Step 3 - Keep Scrubbing
Step 3 – Keep Scrubbing

You can see that the paint is coming off. So sugar soap definitely works here for removing paint from uPVC at least.