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Can You Use Blackboard Paint on Pine?

If you are thinking of creating your own blackboard then you may well have wondered if you can use blackboard paint on pine. After all, pine is a cheap, smooth building material so could work well as a DIY blackboard. But does it work? Well, I got a scrap piece of pine and a tin of blackboard paint and did some testing, let’s find out!

The Test

So in order to test whether you can blackboard paint on pine, I did a little sample painting. I grabbed a few different samples of various materials and painted them all together.

Blackboard paint on wood
The samples

Here you can see all of the different samples I painted. If you are interested in the other tests then they were MDFPlywoodChipboard and Fencing Timber.

Can You Use Blackboard Paint on Pine?

Yes, blackboard paint works well on pine. The paint sticks and covers well on pine and the smooth surface gives a good surface to write on. So a win-win for using pine as a blackboard.

Pine Painted With Blackboard Paint
Pine Painted With Blackboard Paint

So as you can see above the paint goes onto pine just fine. In fact, it was a really easy surface to paint with blackboard paint. You can see that some of the grain has come through which may affect your chalk a little bit.

If you really don’t want this then paint the wood with a few coats of a high-quality primer before painting. One of the Zinsser Primers will work well.

So we know that the paint has gone on well, but has it stuck?

To test whether the blackboard paint has properly adhered to the pine I use a piece of rough-cut timber. I move this across the sample with quite a bit of force. If the paint is at all loose this is a sure-fire way to find out.

I am happy to report that the blackboard paint stood up to this test perfectly. So we know it has properly stuck to the prime, onto the next one.


How well will the pine painted with blackboard paint hold up outdoors? This will be crucial information if you are planning on creating an outdoor blackboard so lets find out.

There is one easy way to test this, leave it outdoors.

I have lots of different sample pieces that are being tested for all different paints, so I added the pine painted with blackboard paint to that pile.

It has not been outside for that long yet so please check back soon for an update!

The Blackboard Paint Sample Pile
The Blackboard Paint Sample Pile