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Can You Paint Plywood With Blackboard Paint

Blackboard paint is great for creating a fun feature for kids or maybe even an artsy installation for adults. If you are planning on creating a new blackboard feature you will want the surface to be as smooth as possible to get the best results.

For blackboard paint to work well you will want the surface to be flat and smooth. This is one great reason to use Plywood for your blackboard, but does it work?

Blackboard paint on wood
My test setup

Tetsing Blackboard Paint on Plywood

There is only one way to test if you can indeed use Blackboard paint on plywood, and that’s painting some plywood.

I have a load of sample squares up at my workshop. So I grabbed a few of those and did some blackboard painting. If you are interested in the other tests then they were MDF, Pine, Chipboard and Fencing Timber.

So once I had the samples all ready to go all I had to do was slap some paint on. The blackboard paint went on really easily.

I just used a basic blackboard paint from Rustins. You don’t need anything fancy here. This water-based paint was easy to apply and dried quickly.

The Painting Results

The Plywood Painted With Blackboard Paint

Above you can see the painted plywood sample. The blackboard paint definitely works on this surface.

The next question is how well the chalk works on the painted plywood. The answer is pretty well. While some materials I tested were smoother, like the MDF, the plywood was still one of the smoothest surfaces.

Exterior Tetsing

For the next stage of my testing, I will be moving the samples outside. The idea behind this test is to find out how well the paint holds up when exposed to the elements.

If you are not planning on ever taking your blackboard outside then this will not matter to you. If you are planning to use it outside though you will be eager to see the results.

The Blackboard Paint Sample Pile
The Blackboard Paint Sample Pile

Here you can see the blackboard paint samples in my sample pile.

It hasn’t been long enough yet to really have any results from this test, so make sure you check back soon for some updated results.

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