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Can Postcrete Be Drilled?

Postcrete is a really simple and easy way of securing posts. just shove the contents of a bag of postcrete into a hole, add a little water and you’re done. But can postcrete be drilled like concrete can? let’s have a look and find out.

Drilling into postcrete

Drilling into postcrete

So, can postcrete be drilled?

Yes, you can drill into postcrete. However, you need to bear in mind that postcrete is not as strong as concrete due to the fact it has much less aggregate in it. What this means is that you don’t want to drill too near to the edge or you may end up breaking the postcrete up.

You also don’t want to drill your holes too close together and this could also lead to cracking and breakages in the postcrete.

What is postcrete?

Postcrete is a fast setting concrete used to set posts for fencing, decking or whatever you need a set post for. Postcrete is popular due to how quickly it sets and for the fact that it is a lot simpler to use than concrete

Postcrete is a lot simpler to use than concrete as you don’t need to mix it and you don’t need to add any aggregates, everything you need for the mix is already in the bag.

How to use postcrete

below is a quick guide on how you should use postcrete. If you want a more comprehensive guide I have one here: How to use postcrete

Step 1 – Dig Your Hole

The obvious place to start is by digging your hole for your post.

Step 2 – Fill Your Hole One Third Full With Water

Now add some water to your hole. You want it roughly one-third full and with the water no longer draining away.

Step 3 – Place Your Post In The Hole

Now place your post into the hole, don’t worry about getting it perfectly straight just yet.

Step 4 – Add Postcrete

Now comes the time to add some postcrete, keep adding it until the postcrete comes just above the water level.

Step 5 – Aerate The Mixture

Use a long pole to mix up the postcrete a little. Just jab it up and down into the mix.

Step 6 – Level Your Post

Now comes the time to get your post perfectly straight while the mix is still wet and moveable.

Step 7 – Keep the Post Straight As The Mix Sets

Now you need to keep the post perfectly straight while the postcrete mix sets. You can do this by either clamping or fixing it to a support structure or just holding it.


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