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Does Postcrete Have Stones in it?

postcrete is brilliant for setting posts. it means the average DIY’er can now set fence posts in concrete without having to go out and hire a mixer or mix in a wheelbarrow. It works really well and is always my go-to when setting fence posts. But does postcrete have stones in it, or do you need to add them? Let’s find out.

So, Does Postcrete Have Stones in it?

Yes, postcrete has small stones in the mix that most closely resemble gravel. These small stones are ballast and are there to help increase the final strength of the set postcrete.

What is ballast?

Ballast is a mix of sand and gravel that is then mixed with cement in order to make concrete.

The gravel usually consists of limestone or other stone, this is often recycled stone from other manufacturing procedures.

Can I add more stones to postcrete?

Yes, you can. This can help to increase the strength of the postcrete and also make a single bag go further. This is commonly done where people will add a little rubble to the hole to help the postcrete mix.

You just want to be careful that you don’t add too much as this could flip the script and leave you with a weaker mix rather than a stronger one. You have a fair bit of leeway here so as long as you don’t go filling your post hole with stones you should be fine.

Why use ballast for concrete?

When mixed with cement ballast creates concrete. But why do we use it, after all, you could just add sand and be done with it, without the need for the stones in ballast.

Adding ballast helps to strengthen concrete, that is why it is added. The aggregate in the ballast helps bind the concrete together and as such increases the overall strength.