Hotpoint Oven Settings Symbols

Hotpoint Oven Settings Symbols

Here is the full list of all the settings and symbols for your Hotpoint Oven. I will tell you what all the symbols and settings mean in order to better help you use your Hotpoint Oven/Cooker appliance.

Hotpoint Oven Settings Symbols
Hotpoint Oven Settings Symbols

Off Setting Symbol (Zero or 0)

The Zero Symbol on a Hotpoint oven means that the appliance is turned OFF. There may, or may not be power to the Hotpoint appliance. Check that the oven isolation switch is turned on.

This should be the nearest switch to the appliance, usually located above the worktop on the kitchen wall. It looks similar to a light switch but it will stop power from getting to the appliance. This is useful when the oven needs maintenance or to be replaced.

Off Symbol
Off Symbol

Fan Setting Symbol

The crying Fan Symbol means that the Hotpoint oven is Defrosting.

Hotpoint Defrosting Symbol
Defrosting Symbol

This function can be used to speed up the thawing of food at room temperature. The food should be placed in the oven in its wrapping to avoid it drying out.

Grill Setting Symbol

The Spikey Grill symbol means that the Hotpoint oven is in grill mode only.

Hotpoint Grill Symbol
Hotpoint Grill Symbol

To grill steak, kebabs and sausages, to cook vegetables au gratin, and to toast bread. Preheat the oven for 3 – 5 min. During cooking the oven door must remain closed. When cooking meat, pour a little water into the drip tray (on the first level) to reduce smoke and fat spatter. Ideally, the meat should be turned a few times during cooking.

Oven Light Setting Symbol (Lamp)

The light bulb symbol or lamp setting turns on the Hotpoint oven light, it does not affect the cooking or grilling process.

Hotpoint Oven Light
Hotpoint Oven Light Bulb Symbol

Conventional Oven Setting Symbol (No Fan)

The two lines top and bottom, indicate that the Hotpoint oven is in Normal Oven Mode with No Fan in operation. The oven just gets hot from the top and bottom so it is best to place food in the middle.

Hotpoint Oven Convection Bake Symbol
Hotpoint Oven Convection Bake Symbol

This function is suitable for cooking any type of dish on one shelf. Pre-heat the oven to the required temperature and place the food in it when the set temperature is reached.

It is advisable to use the second or third shelf for cooking. This function is also suitable for cooking frozen convenience foods. Make sure you follow the instructions on the food packaging.

Convection Bake Setting Symbol (Fan Oven)

Two lines at the top and bottom and the fan in the middle, signifying that the Hotpoint oven is in Fan Oven mode. The fan will help to distribute the heat equally around the oven, but it does increase the risk of drying out the food.

Hotpoint Fan Oven Setting Symbol
Hotpoint Fan Oven Setting Symbol

The fan oven setting is ideal for baking cakes with liquid filling (sweet or savory) on a single level. This function is ideal also for cooking on two levels. If necessary, you can switch the positions of the dishes to cook food more evenly.

(Turbo) Grill Setting Symbol

You guessed it, it’s the grill and the fan working together! The grill and fan symbols on a Hotpoint oven, indicate the turbo grill setting is active.

Hotpoint Turbo Grill Symbol
Hotpoint Turbo Grill Symbol

This is useful for grilling large joints of meat (roast beef and other roast meats). The oven door must be kept closed during the cooking cycle. When cooking meat, it is advisable to pour water into the drip-tray placed on the first level. This will reduce smoke and spattering of fat. Always remember to turn the meat during grilling.

I hope you now know what all the primary settings mean on your Hotpoint Oven. Let us know in the comments if there is anything we can add to our article, to help more people who are stuck in a baffling battle with appliances.

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