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How Long Does Floor Paint Take To Dry?

When painting any floor drying time is a huge factor in what paint you choose. You need to know how long it will be until you can walk on the freshly painted floor.

So how long does it take to dry? Well, the honest answer is it depends, each brand can have completely different drying times to others.

For this reason, I have picked out the most popular floor paints and gathered all of their drying times. This way you get a nice and easy way to see them all in one place.

Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint

Resilient enough to put up with daily knocks, scuffs and scrapes, our Diamond Hard Floor Paint will have your floor looking good and staying tough. Available in a range of colours, it can be used on wood, concrete and stone floors.

Drying Time

Recoatable in 4-6 hours. It is also suitable for light foot traffic after 4-6 hours. After 72 hours it will be fully cured.

Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint

Tough enough to park your car on and withstand oil, grease and petrol spills. Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint has a smooth finish so your floor is protected and looks great.

Drying Time

Touch dry and recoatable after 4-6 hours. Fully cured after 72 hours. Do not park your car on it until after 72 hours.

Rust-oleum Chalky Finish Floor Paint

Renovate and transform furniture with Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint. With a classic, smooth touch, flat matt finish, it brings a new lease of life to tired, worn-out objects.

The paint can be used directly onto wood (bare or painted), brick, stone, plaster or any suitably primed rigid surface (metal, plastic etc.).

Drying Time

Touch dry in 1 hour. Apply a second coat after 4 hours if necessary. Full hardness after 4 hours.

Farrow & Ball Interior Floor Paint

If your wooden or concrete floors are in need of a little love, Farrow & Ball have got just the thing. Their recommended floor paint comes in every Farrow & Ball colour, letting you add personality and protection to your home’s most hard-working surface.

Drying Time

Touch dry in 2 hours, recoatable in 4 hours. Fully cures in up to 14 days.

Leyland Trade Heavy Duty Floor Paint

A hardwearing, protective satin finish. Based on polyurethane alkyd resins which have been designed to withstand spillage and repeated cleaning.

Ideal for use on most concrete and wooden floors in garages, warehouses, workshops and factories.

Drying Time

Touch-dry in 3 hours. Fully cured in 7 days.

No Nonsense Trade Floor Paint

For indoor or exterior use on properly prepared tiles, brickwork, wood, concrete, cement and stone surfaces. Not for use on vinyl, thermoplastic or rubber substrates.

Drying Time

Light foot traffic after 24 hours, fully cured in 7-10 days. No touch dry or recoatable time given.

V33 Renovation Floor & Stairs Paint

Enjoy your family Sundays in a living room brought up to date with V33.  Renovation Floor & Stairs your floors take on exciting contemporary colours that are highly resistant to shocks and abrasions common in high traffic areas like your living room or hallway. 

The ceramic technology forms a tough barrier that is both flexible enough to absorb without flaking and hard enough to withstand high traffic.  Walk, run, dance on your new floors… freely!

Drying Time

Touch dry in 3 hours. Recoatable in 3 hours, fully dry within 24 hours.

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