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Can You Use Masonry Paint On Metal?

Masonry paint offers great protection, and for this reason alone you will undoubtedly be tempted to use it on other surfaces than just masonry. Indeed metal may well be something you are thinking of painting with masonry paint, but can you?

Well, I did the test, I grabbed an aluminium plate and a tub of masonry paint and slapped it on there and tested the results, let’s find out how it got on.

The Masonry Paint On Metal Test

I grabbed a piece of aluminium, a door fingerplate, and some masonry paint. One side (on the right) was primed with a metal primer first, and on the opposite side, I applied the masonry paint straight onto the metal. This will let us know whether priming the metal first with a dedicated metal primer offers any advantage.

Masonry Paint On Metal
Masonry Paint On Metal

So when it comes to painting on the masonry paint it was really easy, the paint went on nice and easy, just like painting emulsion onto a wall, to be honest. Just because it has painted on easily though doesn’t mean it has actually stuck well to the surface, we may find it just chips off really easily. So for that, we need to test the adhesion of the paint to the metal surface.

So I grabbed a rough sawn piece of wood and tried to scuff up the surface. I rang the rough end of the wood across the surface quite harshly and nothing happened on either the primed side or the un-primed side, so test one has been passed. We can safely say the masonry paint has stuck to the metal, but how well?

So I grabbed something a little stronger to test with, a threaded bolt. The threaded surface of this bolt will really put the masonry paint to the test.

I ran the threaded edge along the surface of the metal and the primed side stood up brilliantly, with just a few areas chipping. The unprimed side however came away quite a bit, this was one test too far for the unprimed metal.

Watch the video below to see the full test in action and see the results for yourself. The left side as you see it in the video has the primer on first, the right hand side was just the masonry paint painted directly onto the metal surface.

So, Can you use masonry paint on metal?

From my testing, you definitely can. I would highly recommend using a metal primer first for maximum toughness. The primed side didn’t chip or flake even when being scratched by a metal bolt very aggressively, so it had adhered really well.

Further testing

I will now move this sample outside and leave it exposed to the elements. After all, if you are painting metal with masonry paint you are probably doing it to protect the metal from the weather, so let’s find out how well the masonry paint can protect our little bit of metal. Check back regularly for progress updates.

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