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Can you use bathroom paint in a bedroom?

Bathroom paint is a good quality paint intended for usage in bathrooms, obviously. But let’s say you had some paint leftover in a colour you really liked and you were wondering if you could use it in your bedroom? Could this work, let’s find out.

Can you use bathroom paint in a bedroom?

Yes, you definitely can. Bathroom paint is just a standard emulsion with some extra ingredients added to make it moisture resistant. So it is just a higher quality emulsion and there is zero reason why you couldn’t use it in a bedroom.

Bathroom paint would be really effective in a room that tends to have a mould problem. This is because a lot of bathroom paints have a fungicide in them that helps to stop the growth of mould.

What is Bathroom paint?

Bathroom paint is a regular emulsion that has a few extras added to make it moisture resistant and also often resistant to the growth of mould.

At the end of the day, it is just an emulsion paint. It will paint on exactly the same as any regular emulsion and will be just as easy to clean off your brushes or roller once you are done.

The only real difference between a bathroom paint and a regular emulsion is its moisture and mould resistant properties.

Why use bathroom paint?

Well, the standout reason would be that you already have some in a colour you like. This is a great reason to use it, after all why buy new paint when you already have a colour you love.

Another great reason would be if you have a bedroom that struggles with mould growth. Due to the intended use of bathroom paint in areas that can be really damp it often has a fungicide in it to kill mould.

As i have stated in my other articles around the same sort of topics like, can you use bathroom paint in a kitchen and can you use kitchen paint in a bathroom, these are very similar paints.

Anti mould paint

Rather than using bathroom paint, there are specialist mould killing paints if this is your problem. I highly recommend the Perma white paint from Zinsser. I have used this myself and can attest to its quality and ability to stop mould from coming back.

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