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Can you use Hammerite on plastic?

This is a question we see asked a lot, so we grabbed a tin of Hammerite and some plastic and decided to find out for ourselves!

So Can You?

Yes, from our quick test it definitely looks like you can. I was wondering whether the Hammerite would be flexible enough to work with plastic due to it being a metal paint by design. This however hasn’t seemed to be a problem at all. The paint went on just fine, it’s adhered well to the plastic surface and also flexes well with no sign of cracking even under duress.

Watch the video

You can see the entire testing process where I find out if you can use Hammerite on plastic in the video below. While you are there please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you would be so kind!

Why would you want to use Hammerite on plastic?

There are a few reasons why you may want to use Hammerite on plastic. the main one being you have some. It’s always tempting to use up an old tin of paint rather than having to go out and buy a new tin.

You may also be wanting to try and protect the plastic that you are going to paint. Hammerite has a reputation as a strong metal paint with great protective properties so this is another good reason why Hammerite may be your finish of choice.

Then you could always be attempting to transform some plastic and make it look more like metal. Hammered Hammerite would definitely help you achieve this. Check out our article on the differences between smooth and hammered Hammerite to learn more.

Spray Paint 

Hammerite is also available as a spray paint these days. This would be a great option for painting plastic as it would allow you to achieve a really high standard of finish, particularly on odd-shaped or uneven surfaces.

If using spray paint make sure you paint in a well-ventilated area and leave plenty of time between coats for the layers to properly dry. This will help you achieve a nice shiny surface on your finish if using smooth Hammerite.

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