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What Drill Bit For Plasterboard?

What is the correct drill bit to use when drilling into plasterboard? Will anything do or should you use one particular type of drill bit? Let’s have a look and find out.

What is the best drill bit to use?

There is no real answer here. Any drill bit will go through plasterboard so any bit will work. There are a few caveats to this though which I will discuss in detail below.

Masonry Drill Bit

I think this is the drill bit that most people would choose for this job by default. There really is no reason to use a masonry drill bit above anything else though.

With plasterboard being so soft you don’t need the harder carbide tip that you usually find on masonry drill bits.

What’s more, the tip of masonry bits often moves a little bit when you start drilling, making it a little tougher to get the hole exactly where you want it.

Wood Bit With Brad Point

Lots of wood bits have a bard point, a little point that sticks out the end, this allows you to line the drill bit up exactly where you want it. So if you were to drill through plasterboard with one of these bits you could get the hole in the exact right spot.

There are potential issues though, although the bit will easily go through the plasterboard it will actually blunt it quite quick. Gypsum plaster is actually suprinsgly damaging to sharp edges.

So don’t go at this with your best wooden bit, you will regret it.

Multi-Purpose Drill Bit

These will work just fine for plasterboard, just like all of the others. Again the one issue could be the bit getting blunted quickly.

So like I suggested for the wooden drill bit, don’t use your best bits here.


So what do I advise?

Essentially any bit will go through plasterboard, and for this reason, I recommend just using an older bit. It can be whatever type you happen to have lying around, it really doesn’t matter. Just don’t use a good sharp bit as it will be a complete waste.

If you want a really accurate hole then use a drill bit with a brad point.

For larger holes spade bits work really well in plasterboard.

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